Hotel Review: Hotel F6, Helsinki, Finland

Hotel F6 in Helsinki, Finland describes itself as having “Nordic Home-like Luxury,” and I could not agree more. This gorgeous hotel is perfectly located just steps from Helsinki’s Esplanade (main shopping street) and the harbor, putting you in a prime location for exploring all of Helsinki’s charms.

If you don’t know by now, I have a mild obsession with all elements of design, and this hotel certainly did not disappoint. From the moment I stepped through the doors into their stylish atrium, I knew I was going to fall head over heels in love. To my left was a hip and trendy bar. Ahead of me was a gorgeous open courtyard that I immediately knew I needed to come back and explore. But first, I needed to check in. So I headed to my left and entered the doors to the lobby, which was decorated with a fantastic mix of patterns, textures and metals – a true feast for the eyes!

Hotel_F6_22Hotel_F6_23The staff at this family-run, design hotel greeted me warmly, asked about my journey and checked me in. Afterwards, they even walked me to my room to “welcome me home.” Isn’t that so sweet? Even the hallways were decorated with a whimsical circus fantasy wall paper that almost made me laugh out loud. Some might think it was tacky, but somehow it worked in the F6.

Hotel_F6_12Walking into my room, one of the hotel’s 66, I immediately felt at home. I know it might sound cliché, but each of the hotel’s little touches and details made the room feel like so much more than a typical hotel room. First, the room was a fair bit larger than your average hotel room and included a desk area and sitting room. The living area was beautifully decorated with a funky black and white wallpaper and a gorgeous blue velvet chair. It was separated from the “bedroom” with a simple, see through screen, which made the whole space feel open and airy.

Hotel_F6_3Hotel_F6_1The bedroom was tastefully decorated in shades of grays and blues and accented in a soft, glowing light from surrounding lamps. The bed itself was one of the most comfortable I’ve ever slept in and almost made me want to forget about getting up to explore Helsinki the next morning.

Hotel_F6_5Hotel_F6_4The bathroom was one of the most luxurious I’ve ever seen. It had a giant sink and mirror, a shower with a large rainforest shower head (and smaller handheld one), heated floors and super thick, embroidered towels. Did I mention the heated floors? I felt as though I had been whisked away to the land of the rich and famous!

Hotel_F6_7Hotel_F6_6After you’ve finished pampering yourself, slip into the soft bathrobe and slippers from the closet and pour yourself a nightcap from the minibar. Or if it’s morning, brew yourself a wake up espresso from your room’s own personal Nespresso machine. That’s right, no crappy little packets of instant coffee here. Not even a mediocre Keurig machine. Oh no! I was able to enjoy a top of the line (as far as hotel room coffees go), beautiful espresso from the comfort of my own couch. Believe me, that really made my morning!

Hotel_F6_11Although you may never want to leave your luxurious room, let’s go explore the rest of this amazing hotel. First stop, the gorgeous courtyard. Complete with its own greenhouse, the open courtyard is the perfect place to escape the city and relax, with many spots for reading or enjoying a cup of coffee. And see those bikes hanging out there? The hotel has 4 bicycles that guests can borrow to explore Helsinki – for free! Remember I mentioned a greenhouse? That’s where hotel owner, Mia, grows herbs to use in the creative cocktails they serve in the hotel’s bar. Let’s head there next.

Hotel_F6_15Hotel_F6_18Bar Runar is not your typical hotel bar. Named after the owners adorable Boston Terrier (and also architect Runar Finnilä), Runar is actually one of the trendiest bars in Helsinki. Always packed with young local hipsters, it’s mantra is craft cocktails, funky wines and good vibes. They avoid typical cocktails and instead create new favorites using seasonal, local ingredients. You might try a Raimo Kelminen flavored with strawberry, camomile, yellow root and Hendricks. Then again, you might not because their menu changes with the seasons. No worries though, the bartenders will whip you up some other fantastic concoction. BTW, In case you were wondering, Riamo Kelminen is a former Finnish ice hockey player lucky enough to now have a drink named after him! 

Hotel_F6_20Hotel_F6_19Hotel F6 also serves up a daily Finnish home-style breakfast, consisting of mostly organic and local ingredients. And while they don’t have a full restaurant on site, they do have a partnership with Wolt, which lets you order food from over 150 restaurants in Helsinki for delivery in 45 minutes or less. Or you could just go out and try one of the amazing restaurants right around the corner because, as I mentioned before, you are literally 2 minutes from the main Esplanade.

If you find yourself in Helsinki, I urge you to visit the F6. And leave yourself some extra time to enjoy all of the great features and areas – and to play with Runar, who you will get to meet if you are lucky enough to be there during one of his visits to the hotel!

Thank you so very much to the Hotel F6 in Helsinki, Finland for generously hosting me during my stay! If you’re interested in experiencing this incredible hotel, visit their website here: Hotel F6 and please give Runar (the dog) a big kiss from me! As always, all opinions and images are 100% my own.

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42 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Hotel F6, Helsinki, Finland

  1. I love the stylish details in this hotel as well as the real coffee makers! I
    haven’t been to Finland yet but I will check this place out when I do!

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  2. For a luxurious hotel it looks very homey and comfortable, there are some nice elements here and i feel like drinking a coffee out in the courtyard would be quite relaxing. Although it might be a little out of my budget I can almost feel the utter relaxation this hotel would bring.

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  3. Never knew about this hotel, As someone living in Helsinki, I have no need. But I kinda like it, Scandinavian design at its best, makes you feel like home. Hope they would bring us to place like this for some of our corporate parties.

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  4. This hotel seems absolutely gorgeous! I can totally see why you fell head over heels in love with it! If I ever go to Finland I will be sure to check it out (it’s totally my vibe too)! Thank you for sharing ! 🙂

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  5. WOW what a nice hotel, great review and photos. Luxury at its finest, with a matching price I take it. I was in Finland twice, hopefully on my next time, I’d check it out

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  6. A personal coffee machine in your room??? Wowww!! My husband will go crazy with happiness if we had that facility in any of our stays. F6 looks like a posh place to stay, there a different charm in staying at boutique hotels..they are so cosy and beautifully done.

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  7. The color concept of the hotel looks really thought through. All your photos (which are awesome btw) are really calming on the eye. I love how the play with the brownish and beige colors – just like coffee 🙂

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  8. This hotel looks so luxurious!! If only I had the budget to stay somewhere like here – I need to visit Finland again, and would love to explore the capital more. The F6 looks like the ideal place to do this from! x

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  9. This definitely looks like my kind of hotel! I love your room, it looks so elegant and chic too. The bar looks cool, and I could really see myself having a few drinks there after a bike ride around Helsinki! Lovely photos too.


  10. What a lovely hotel – would totally stay here when I visit Helsinki! Location is super important to me so I like that it is centrally located and has a lovely design. Plus I am a huge dog lover so I would enjoy seeing the owners’ adorable Boston Terrier.

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  11. I am a traveler and I visit many of places around the world and stay in the most popular and famous luxury hotels. This Hotel F6 in Helsinki is a high facility luxury hotel. The interior design is wonderful. I have never visited Finland before, but if I visit here I must stay in this luxury hotel. Thanks for sharing information.

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  12. I see what you mean by homely – not only was it very kind of the family to ask you about your day and welcome you so warmly, the room’s interiors also look like a very cosy and clean home. Love how comfortable and warm this place looks like!

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