16 photos that will make you want to explore Mainland Greece

When I decided to explore Greece, I chose not to head straight to the picturesque Islands with the whitewashed walls and blue-domed roofs that everyone thinks of when they think of Greece. Instead, I wanted to dive back into the history classes of my youth and explore the sites of Ancient Greek mythology. I’m so glad I did. Greece has so much more than gorgeous islands and stunning sunsets (you can find those on the mainland as well). Although I have much more to write on the subject, here is just a quick taste of why I believe everyone should explore Greece’s history-rich mainland. I hope after viewing these photographs you’ll agree!


The Erechtheion at theย Acropolis


Beautiful Athens sunset


Stunning town of Arachova


Views from the top of Mycenae


Colorful tavernas in Nafplio


Greek Vineyards at Nemea


Consulting the Oracle at Delphi


Watching the sun set over Athens


Stunning Cape Sounion


Ancient Greek Theatre at Epidaurus


Cafes with a view in Athens


Beautiful streets of Old Nafplio


Exploring the Plaka in Athens


Wondering at the hilltop Monasteries of Meteora


Mainland Greece has beaches too – and stunning bridges!ย 


Exploring the colorful streets of Ionnina

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  1. gobeyondbounds

    Though the greek islands have their own charm to entice the travelers and tourists. The history wound around the Acropolis in Athens is incredible and the colossal buildings speak of more than ruins. We did a trip to Mycenae, Nafplion and Epidaurus which was an unforgettable experience. Though Delphi still remains on the list.

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  2. As a art history major, Athens and the Ancient Greek structures are definitely more interesting to me than the islands!!! Last time I was in Europe, unfortunately I couldn’t visit Greece as the flight tickets were too high. Hope I’ll get a chance again!

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  3. The ancient mythological part of Greece seems absolutely gorgeous. Arachova looks like a beautiful town and I love the quirky cafes and streets! Hope to travel there soon and when we do we’ll make sure we visit this part of Greece ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. When I think of Greece, I always think of the pristine beaches. You have included beautiful destinations that are a must-see too. The towns look peaceful and clean.

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  5. onlybyland

    I’m actually going to mainland Greece this fall so it’s perfect for me to see these 16 images. The sunset over Athens looks so beautiful and romantic! I’d love to capture the Ancient Greek Theatre at Epidaurus with my fish eye, it’s shape is perfect for this kind of shot!

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  6. I’m totally convinced! Greece is the first country that I want to visit when I set my feet in Europe and precisely for its enchanting history, followed by its gorgeous landscapes. Your pictures make me wanna do it at the earliest. Stunning!

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  7. I loved Athens …it is one of my favourite cities in the world. It is such an awesome place for a history and architecture lover. I would also love to go and visit Meteora someday!

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  8. Greece looks so picture-perfect, basing on your photos! It definitely did not quell any of my desire to visit Greece – in fact, it only reinvigorated it! Seriously, your photos get better and better as I scroll down. It’s just beautiful in every sense of the word!

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  9. Love your pictures. Athens is such an amazing place for history as well as nature lovers. I specially loved your Athens sunset picture. Can’t wait to visit it.

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  10. My dad was born and raised in Greece! Looking at his childhood photos makes me envious. While I’m sure Greece has its positive and negatives I cannot help but think living there would be the coolest thing in the world. It’s just so beautiful!

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  11. Kathleen_Vail

    Wonderful photos and bring back beautiful memories for me, too. Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Intriguing! I will be traveling to Greece in July and cannot wait. Your photos are inspiring.

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  13. ! Hope to travel there soon and when we do we’ll make sure we visit this part of Greece ๐Ÿ™‚

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  14. Very nice post, showing the beauty of the country I am coming from. Thanks..

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  15. WOW – I’m headed to Greece in September, we spend one night in Athens each way but I thought the real attraction was going to be Santorini – I’ll definitely have to do a bit of sightseeing on the mainland!

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    1. wellcaffeinatedtraveller

      The highlight will absolutely be Santorini! I visited there too and fell in love! But I also saw so many amazing things on the mainland that I don’t want people to overlook it as well. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

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  16. . Hope to travel there soon and when we do we’ll make sure we visit this part of Greece ๐Ÿ™‚

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  17. . I’m actually going to mainland Greece this fall so it’s perfect for me to see these 16 images.

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  18. Love all these destinations! Nice pics!

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