Coffee with a view

When visiting Southern Utah, you must make time for a stop at the charming Kiva Koffeehouse. Pre-occupied by the gorgeous views as I was driving through the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument, I almost drove right by, but luckily I spotted their large sign and quickly corrected my mistake!

Located close to mile marker 73 on highway UT-12, this little gem of a coffee house serves homemade soups and breads, sandwiches, pastries and cold drinks, as well as offers a full espresso bar with freshly ground coffees.

Their lemon cranberry muffin was as delicious as it was beautiful. Bursting with fresh lemon flavour, juicy cranberries and drizzled with sweet lemon icing, it was the perfect companion to a strong but smooth latte. The stunning views of the surrounding canyons more than made up for the lack of fancy latte art, as I enjoyed a relaxing break that more than geared me up for the remaining drive ahead.

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